Thursday, July 28, 2011

PGN Crab House

We stayed on a beach house while in Maryland, giving us the chance to see crabs at night on the beach. We had to eat seafood of course, so for our big family dinner (14 of us!), we decided to go to a crab shack. Needless to say this got pricy, but being a one-time thing it was definitely worth it. Out of everyone, only 4 did the all you can eat crab feast, while others had different seafood including crab cakes and scallops. I ordered all you-can-eat crabs, which came with an excessive amount of food!

Included in the all you can eat was:
-medium crabs by the tray-full until you say no more
-french fries
-fried chicken
-corn on the cob
-dinner rolls

They provided a mallet and knife to crack open the crab bodies to get to the meat. The best part about the meal other than eating fresh crab right from the ocean was cracking opens the shells! The restaurant provided written and illustrated instructions on the proper way to crack open, clean, and eat a crab. After 2 hours of picking and feasting, we called it quits on the crab feast. I would say the seafood meal was a success

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