Thursday, July 28, 2011

Conner's Beach Cafe

For family vacation this summer, we traveled to Ocean City, MD. While in Ocean City we went to eat on the boardwalk almost everyday. One day we stopped at Conner’s, a little beach cafe with the classic burgers and sandwiches. I got a chicken cheesesteak sandwich and my brother got a buffalo chicken sandwich. Both were amazing and came with sweet potato fries or chips. You can never go wrong with sweet potato fries! I would recommend Conner’s for lunch; it was quick and was not too heavy of food for the 97-degree day. The perfect sandwich place!

The boardwalk (and Conner's) at night

Here are some suggestions of my personal favorite sandwich toppings. A sandwich can be done thousands of ways, but I have found some of these to be essential when eating a sandwich!

Baker’s Dozen: Sandwich Ingredients
1. cheese
2. lettuce
3. onion
4. turkey
5. pastrami
6. salami
7. avocado 
8. banana peppers or bell peppers
9. pesto
10. alfalfa sprouts
11. pickles
12. bacon
13. tomato

Some great sandwich places around my area: Potbellys, Eaton’s Subs, and Copper Rock Cafe!

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