Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sunday Grilling

Sunday’s are a perfect grilling days during the summer. You can sleep in, take time with getting supplies, and grill a late lunch for everyone on a sunny day! For my family, we grilled out in the afternoon so we could be outside and enjoy some fresh summer food.

On the grill we had: corn, brats, and chicken.

Corn is my personal favorite grilling food because of the crisp fresh taste along with the smoky grill flavor. To grill the corn, I removed the hair fibers on top and any loose husk pieces without shucking it. I then soaked the corn in water for about 30 minutes before placing them on the grill still in the water soaked husk. This keeps in the moisture and adds the grilled taste.

We boiled the deli-fresh brats in water and beer then placed them on the grill.

The chicken marinated in an easy Ms. Dash mesquite grilling marinade for about an hour then we placed the chicken breasts on the grill as well.

In the house, my mom and I worked on preparing the baked beans, slicing up brat buns from the bakery, potato wedges and cutting up a fruit salad. We prepared potatoes by slicing red potatoes into fourths and drenching them in olive oil. The potatoes baked in the oven on a stone. These potatoes are great for parties and grilling because it is not an entire baked potato, they’re more like French fries being easier to eat outside at a cookout.

There is nothing better than a summer day cookout! I love trying new things on the grill, here is an article I read about corn on the cob options, check it out!

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Arwen said...

This is exactly what I'm saying, corn + meat what more do we need??? :)